December 24

It's certainly been a challenging year for everyone. We've had to hide our smiles, stay indoors, restrict who we see and where we go. But no lockdown can close down hope which is why Broadway North Youth Theatre leased a new studio and opened up our classes. We wanted to give kids who love theatre a chance to do it again even though the ARTS community has been completely shut down. It's been a difficult time for our industry and for small business everywhere which is why we are so grateful and thankful that we could bring our casts together to rehearse safely, regain some sense of normalcy and to just have fun.

The Arts may be considered non-essential in these unprecedented times but to those of us who sing, dance and act....for those who design and build sets and create magic through lighting...for all those people on stage, back stage and behind the scenes....The ARTS are as essential as the food we eat and the air we breathe. It is our life and our livelihood. For those who sit in the theatre and become involved in the lives of those characters they watch, theatre has made us laugh and cry. It has transformed us to different worlds and times, taught us about life and love and allowed us to dream. 

At Broadway North, we feel privileged to be able to help shape the lives of our students. We strive to teach them skills that they will use throughout their careers, whatever path they may choose, and we are excited  and pleased to continue doing just that in 2021 and beyond. 

There may yet be challenges ahead for all of us but we believe that very soon we will all be able to throw away our masks, smile and hug one another again. We will be able to sit in a darkened theatre and watch our kids act in a play, sing a song and display their incredible talent and the hard work and dedication they have put into creating a memorable performance.

Broadway North will be continuing to offer classes in the Spring: Beauty and the Beast for our Young Performers and The Outsiders for our Teen Troupe. Looking further ahead, will again also be offering our highly successful Summer Camps through the Town of Newmarket. 

Finally, Broadway North Youth Theatre would like to wish you and your family a happy, safe and healthy holiday season. May 2021 bring us all great joy, prosperity, love and good health.