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Private Lessons

Broadway North's core teachers offer private voice, acting, piano and music theory lessons to those participants whose parents may wish for them to receive more intensive one-on-one instruction.



Broadway North's co-founder and musical director, Shoshana Friedman, is a classically trained soprano who studied in Toronto, New York and Italy. Shoshana was trained in the BEL CANTO school which emphasized purity of tone.  In her private lessons, Shoshana believes that the most important thing all students must develop is their technique. As she was taught, she emphasizes clear and precise notes, developing and expanding each student's vocal range, ensuring that each student sings without strain and creating a larger, more projected voice which is always perfectly on pitch. Once students are on their way to developing a good technique through exercises which develop these facets of the voice, she introduces songs and incorporates what they have learned into singing this material. Here, as before, a clean, accurate tone is expected and the added elements of interpretation, diction and characterization are emphasized.

Ms. Friedman also teaches piano and theory and holds an ARCT diploma in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.

For more information on Shoshana Friedman, please see her biography on the


To contact Shoshana, please sent an email to or call her at 416-347-4363


Broadway North's co-founder and artistic director, Laura Halley, is also an accomplished actress who runs a successful private teaching practice.

Laura teaches students ranging from those who want to understand the craft as a hobby to young, professional actors, represented by agents, preparing for regular castings and auditions for film, tv and theatre.  Students learn the techniques involved in understanding the craft of acting, explore improvisation and performance skills and work on characterization, through developed acting exercizes.  Audition and monologue preparation are also covered and lessons will focus on moving the student forward in their abilities and skill set.

For more information on Laura Halley, please see her biography on the ABOUT US page. More information can also be found at Kids, Camera, Acting! on Facebook and Instagram.

To contact Laura, please sent an email to or call her at 647-998-9584

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