Due Wednesday, Oct. 18

Hairspray the Brodaway Musical was based on the 1988 film of the same name.

The music for Hairspray was written by Marc Shaiman, the lyrics by Scott Wittman

and the book was written by Mark O'Donnel and Thomas Meehan

Please research the above people who are responsible for this fantastic show and write a biography on each of them.


Due Wednesday, Oct. 11

More words and phrases you may not know: Please define the following:

1. What is a "sophomore", pg. 20

2. Pg. 21 Who is "Wilt the Stilt"

3. Pg. 22 Who is Jackie Gleason

4. Pg. 22 What are "buster browns?"

5. Pg. 28, who were The GABOR sisters

6. pg.49, What is a govenor?

7. pg.51, what are pettipants?

8. pg. 51, what is a McCall's pattern?

9. pg.52, what does SCHMALTZ mean? what language does it come from?

10. pg. 55, what is a GHETTO?

​​​Mission #1

Due Wednesday, OCT. 4

Hairspray is full of words, people and terms that we don't readily know. It's so important for a performer to understand what they are saying or singing so our first few missions will be centred around defining those words we aren't sure about.

1) Tracy sings Good Morning to Baltimore. Where is BALTIMORE?

2) pg.7 Velma says: " And Link,  stop hogging it: you're not Elvis yet." Who is Elvis?

3) pg.9 - Tracy says " even our first lady, Jackie B. Kennedy, rats her hair". Who is Jackie B. Kennedy

4) What's a Whoopee Cushion ( pg.9)

5) Pg. 11: Who is Gidget? ( but now I'm just like Gidget and I gotta get to Rome)

6) pg. 14 Who is Rock Hudson ( I don't know how Rock Hudson stands it!)

7)pg.16, who was Shirley Temple. ( tha damn Shirley Temple stole my friggin' act!)

8) p17. Who was Allen Funt and what was Candid Camera.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it..