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Triple Threat Technique



This Triple Threat Technique program is for both the new and experienced performer.  Whether you are currently a young professional in the industry or someone who is starting out, this 8-week program will offer both group instruction and one-on-one performance coaching.  We will provide in-depth training, focusing on developing skills and audition techniques in all areas of singing, acting and dancing.  Participants will each work toward learning and performing a final, individual monologue, song and dance combination – all of which will be filmed for you to keep for a demo reel as a sample of your work. 

The acting element will provide instruction on scene study, monologue preparation, improvisation and performance techniques for both theatre and tv/film.  We will delve into characterization and teach the concepts that will help any actor strengthen their skills.

The dance instruction will focus on training and developing proper dance techniques, performance preparation, tips and techniques for picking up choreography quickly, learning combinations and choreography in multiple dance styles, musicality and dance vocabulary development. 

Vocally, participants will learn tips on proper breathing techniques, where to “place” your voice when singing, interpretation, phrasing, the importance of proper enunciation, posture, relaxation and vocal support. Furthermore, we will begin to explore some basic musical theory elements such as musical notation and symbols. This triple threat technique program will help develop participants' into a consummate performer.

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