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                                                          How parents, kids and others feel about

                                Broadway North


*I have been acting since I was six years old and have been apart of many different theatre groups but I always come back to Broadway North. They are by far the most fun, organized and educational community theatre group out there and I couldn’t recommend them enough to people interested in theatre. Thank you Shosh, Laura and everyone else who helps make these amazing shows, it has taught me so much and given me some unforgettable memories.

Rachel Marshall ( Young Performers' and Teen Troupe participant: Google Review )

*Broadway North Youth Theater had been such an integral part in my daughter's life. She had been participating in the productions since she was 8. She enjoyed the musical Theater program and summer camps, where the Amazing teachers worked with the kids and put their heart and soul into every child and into the group as a whole . My daughter played in Highschool musical, Oliver, Annie, Wizard of Oz, Aladdin just to name a few and everytime it was a great experience as she learned and was guided by the teachers . The children as a group and each as individual receive attention a spot in the show . Everyone has a shinning moment. My daughter learned age appropriate classic plays beyond the school curriculum that broadend her horizons, she learned valuable skills to work as a team , to be confident, to achieve goals, received coaching for voice and drama skills, work on her memory skills and make lots of friends
Now, she is 13 and participating in a drama program for teens. Even through the hardest times of lockdown the teachers continued to work with the children through zoom.
It's so important for the kids mental health to feel the stability of continuing their activities and being a part of a production .
Thank you Broadway North Youth Theater for taking care of the kids!!

Julia Olishensky ( Google Review )

*I love Broadway North! I've been in four shows and it's so much fun. It's an amazing experience overall and I've made a lot of new friends. The teachers are nice, and I really recommend it.

Claire ( Young Performers' and Teen Troupe participant (  Google Review )

*I have been going to Broadway north since I was a little kid, it is a fun and amazing program to be apart of. I have great long term friends and memories because of them and will always be grateful of the opportunities that they have given me! When assigning roles they are unbiased and I have never questioned any of their decisions. While preparing for the productions, they are incredibly helpful, understanding and accommodating to make sure everyone is ready and everything runs smoothly. If your kid are considering trying acting/theatre I highly suggest joining their next production!

Cassie Bardocz ( Young Performers' and Teen Troupe participant: Google Review )

*My daughter, Katie L, was in Annie and she loved it! I was very impressed by the level of professionalism of each and every one of the staff members. Both Shoshana and Laura are extremely organized, friendly and dedicated. I honestly have only great things to say about this place. Yes, they expect the very best from your child, but they definitely hold their own end of the bargain and deliver a great show -- every time! My friend's daughter has also been in several of their productions, and it never ceases to amaze me how high-quality the shows are. I mean these are young kids/teens -- some very young -- but by God do they do an amazing job. Congratulations to both Shoshana and Laura for upholding such high standards and helping every single kid shine. I highly recommend this place!

C. Loudaros ( Google Review )


*I've only been at broadway north for less than a year, but it is by far the best experience i've ever had doing community theatre. my first day there i was extremely unprepared due to circumstances outside of my control, and they made me feel so comfortable and less nervous. can't recommed this place enough.

Nicole Hoben ( Teen Troupe Student - Google Review )


*Bravo Broadway North!
Broadway North provided my daughter with a fantastic opportunity to develop her talents, to apply them and learn new skills.
Broadway North gave her self confidence, motivation and taught her discipline. It also taught her teamwork, and what it means to follow through with a commitment.
My daughter enjoyed her years with Broadway North. It nurtured her love for Musical Theatre.
At Broadway North, all the children are involved with every aspect of the production. The productions are amazing, entertaining and are of the highest quality.
Shoshana, Laura and their staff are dedicated , extremely talented professionals and are great role models for any youth of today.
I would highly recommend Broadway North to anyone.

Kat Marcogliese ( Google Review )

*My daughter has been at Broadway North Youth Theatre for 8 continuous years starting from the age of 9! She has had fun in all the musicals and drama programs and has always been treated fairly & respectfully. She couldn't wait until the next session to start to get back in front of an audience! Shosh, Laura and all involved make it so fun for all the kids as they put in so much effort and hard work on and off the stage. It truly shows when the curtain goes up! I highly recommend BNYT for any child wanting to feel confident and make many friends along the way!

M. Bardocz ( Google Review )

*My teenage daughter has been apart of many theatre companies but none were as amazing as Broadway North Youth Theatre. I say this because from her first day there, Shoshana and her gang were very welcoming and professional. My daughter has performed in numerous musicals and plays elsewhere but it was with Broadway North where she gained her confidence and soared.
They give everything to their students through acting, singing and dancing and are truly there for the kids.
If you want to see your child shine, Broadway North Youth Theatre is the place.

Yvonne Hoben ( Google Review )

*Hi Shoshana

I wanted to say that Broadway North has been an amazing experience for Nicole. She has loved every minute of it. She has always been a little unsure of her ability to be a lead and you all have made her feel so confident and have given her the tools to feel she could do this.

Thank you.. Nicole is so grateful for this experience....

Yvonne Hoben

*My daughter has been going to Broadway North for many years now.
She has made tons of friends, learned many skills and has had fun doing so.
If your child is interested in musical theatre then I highly recommend this company.

Adrienne Belanger ( Google Review )

* Thank you for all the extra efforts with the children this year.  Avery is loving your program - so much more than others she’s been in.

J. Bouyoukos ( Young Performers' mom - WILLY WONKA )

*Such a great production! I went with my daughter's school group on Thursday and we all really enjoyed it.  Lots of hard work, perseverence and talent. Helps prepare them for all aspects of life.

S. Shakeel ( Audience member - ANNIE )

*My daughter (10) just finished her first session and production with Broadway North. She absolutely LOVED it!!! We were blown away by how far she came from her first day, to her performance day! The entire experience was truly amazing, the teachers are out of this world and the production they put on at the end is completely top notch!! From sets, to costumes, the dances...the best part was parents had to do nothing but show up! I can't say  enough good things about it. Thank you to all the teachers, you worked SO hard! I loved seeing the confidence in my daughter blossom, and in all the kids on stage! Thank you, thank you!

C. Vickers ( Young Performers' mom - ANNIE - Facebook Recommendation )


*What an amazing performance thanks to all of you and your hard work and dedication to our kids. Thank you.

S. Archibald ( Young Performers' mom - ANNIE )


​​​​​*What a wonderful experience for kids. They work so hard towards an end goal and WOW do they every knock it out of the ball park. My kid was not sure if she wanted to do this, but after the first class she came home and said "I wish I could do this every day!" Great way to introduce your kids to musical theatre!

C. Shickluna ( Young Performers' mom - ANNIE - Facebook Recommendation)



First off just want to say great job by everyone on the performance of Annie. It was awesome and the kids had a blast.....we love Broadwaynyt.

Rob A. ( Young  Performers' dad  - ANNIE )


*Hi Laura,

Liam really enjoyed doing theatre. We thought he did a great job along with his cast. The shows were fantastic!

Carole ( Young Performers' mom - ANNIE )​

*Hi Broadway!
I just wanted to touch base and thank you for creating Nieve's first real experience on stage as such a positive one.  She has learned so much about the logistics of theatre but also to trust her abilities, her cast mates and to be patient when she cant see the end result of something right away.  She loved her Hairspray experience!  She is very excited to sign up for the Wizard of Oz production!  I will sign her up online.
Thank you again and we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year!
Ali (Young Performers' mom)


*Thank you, Shoshana. Aliyah isn't the most verbally expressive kid but she does love coming to musical theatre class twice a week and she loves rehearsing all the songs and dance routines.  I feel this is helping her confidence and I could see a great improvement already in her vocals!
Thanks for running such a wonderful program! 
Martha (Young Performers' mom)


​*​Thank you Shoshana and Laura for a great week!  Both Olivia and Cathryn really enjoyed their time singing and dancing with you!!  The show today was great!! Hard to believe that you only had one week of prep!

​Shana Baptista ( Summer Camp Mom - The Best of Broadway )


​*Thanks again for a wonderful summer camp and show! We are definitely planning on signing Paige up again next summer. Paige was truly excited to have been a part of that experience and we were pleased with the growth Paige demonstrated on stage.

​Mei Wong ( Summer Camp Mom - The Trials of Alice in Wonderland )


*Thanks to both you ( Shoshana ) and Laura for all of your hard work and support of Megan over the years. James and I have watched from our seats in a darkened theatre year after year and witnessed the positive impact you have both had on Meg.
All the best with your very important work with kids.
Regards, Lynda. (Teen Troupe mom)


​*Thank you both for such a wonderful year! I’m so happy we made the switch to Broadway North.  :)   
Liam has the acting bug again (thank goodness!) and is eager to come back. ​​Have a wonderful summer and we’ll see you in September!​

​Nicole Melzer (Young Performer's parent)


*Hi Laura,
This is Mya's Mom, Julia. It was great meeting you yesterday! I wanted to let you know that I had a conversation with Mya last night about how proud I was of her Broadway performance and how well she handled her anxiety. She told me the only reason she did well was because of you! She said the things you said to her made her feel calm and so much better. That gave her the confidence she needed to go out there and do it. It really warmed my heart hearing the good things she had to say about you! Your tone of voice and encouragement was perfect for her! For example, when she said she messed up and you said it doesn't matter, the audience doesn't know your lines. That really made her realize that it was ok if she wasn't perfect! She said she didn't think she could have made it without your encouragement. I wanted to say thank you again for being so wonderful and making Mya's first broadway performance so unforgettable! I wanted you to know how much you meant to Mya. I know when she is older you will be one of those teachers that made a difference in her life!
Thank you for that! Have a wonderful weekend!



Thank you for all of your hard work putting together the Seussical shows; they were all a pleasure to watch! Your program has managed to find a balance between teaching, development, a high quality final production and fun for the kids involved, and for that we thank you!
Janine and Jerome Gaspari (Young Performer's parents)

*Laura and Shoshana,
Just wanted to thank you both so much for the time and energy you put into The Outsiders production. Connor truly enjoyed working with you both as well as all of his cast mates and I know he really had a wonderful experience playing the role of Ponyboy.
All of the kids did an absolutely incredible job! Congratulations and thank you again :)
Lori Maclachlan ( Teen Troupe mom )

*You both worked very hard and the results were fantastic.  The show was amazing and I was impressed to see how it evolved even from the Thursday night performance to the Saturday night performance - that final night was very polished and the kids really did a remarkable job. So, again, thank you for all of your hard work and for helping Taylor to develop her passion for acting.  She will assuredly be doing both productions next year
Keri Holmes ( Teen Troupe mom)

*We are so delighted to have found Broadway North Theatre! My 17 yr old son signed up for the Teen Troupe program and had the best experience imaginable! The teachers are theatre and music professionals and know how to bring the best out in every youth! They set high standards and through knowledge, skill, kindness and guidance, the kids meet and exceed the expectations. It was wonderful to see the teens gain such a sense of self, to enhance their self- discipline, develop teamwork skills and in doing so build their self confidence. My son and I agree that our only regret is that we didn't find Broadway North Theatre many years ago.
Jill Kellie ( 5 star Facebook review)  

*We have belonged to several other theatre groups/classes and BNYT is EXCELLENT at what they do!! I HIGHLY recommend them, 100%. It is obvious they put in a LOT of work AND they are extremely knowledgeable in what they teach. This is hands down the best place to take your kids to learn about theatre in York Region.
Jennifer Edwards ( Young Performers and Teen Troupe mom)

*Hi Laura and Shoshana,
On behalf of Tara we would like to say 'thank you' for Tara being a part of the musical theatre production. Tara really enjoyed being a part of the troupe and hopes to continue so we will get back to you in the new year.
Enjoy the holidays and wishing you and our family peace, health and happiness.
Thanks, Gillian

*I just have to tell you that the way you've structured your program so that all the children are very involved in every class is absolutely brilliant. Mackenzie has always loved acting and singing but the typical theatre class has never been a good fit for her personality. She has never cared what role she has - as long as she just gets to sing! Your program has given her a chance to thrive in an area that she so loves that she normally wouldn't get. So thank you for your program and for your approach with the children. I am so happy we found out about you at the Aurora street festival!!
Michelle Pidgeon ( Little Stars' mom )

*Hi Laura,
I was certainly surprised by the breadth of her ( Adrianna in Bugsy Malone,Jr.) role. I appreciate you and Shoshana giving her the opportunity. Being involved with your group has certainly given her some skills that she has been able to use elsewhere. She had to present a goodbye poem to her principal and she was the only child who was able to project her voice and be heard!! You and Shoshana's efforts are greatly appreciated. It is such a wonderful program.
Enjoy the summer, Michela

*A lot of fun, amazing teachers and a very impressive level of learning for the kids.
Steve Oudo ( facebook comment )

*Went to a fantastic production of "Into the Woods" by youth in Newmarket last night. What talent! Should have got some autographs so I can sell them when they get famous. Tracy Mair-Vale, you must be very proud of Brayden ( Jack ), oh and his pet Milky White. Well done, everyone, well worth the long drive.
Tracy Aplin ( facebook comment )

*WOW, what an amazing opening night! Truly such a talented cast. It is an honour to sit in the audience knowing that my son is part of such an amazing theatrical company like Broadway North Youth Theatre. Kudos to the artistic team, Laura Halley, Darren Fletcher and Shoshana Friedman. What you created on stage with 13 incredible actors and a musical that is extremely tough, is just incredible.
Tracy Vale ( facebook comment )

*Kudos to both you ( Shoshana ) and Laura for all your hard work with the Teen Troupe. I got to attend both shows and was disappointed that there weren't more opportunities for folks to experience such an amazing display of talented teens. My teen is hooked on Broadway North and can't wait for the next session to get underway. Well done!
Lynda Coulter

*Shoshana and Laura
Thank you for another great session. Annie was a tremendous success-the audience was raving both nights. I am still singning some of the songs in my head...and sometimes out loud.  Taylor will be back for her final session with the young performers. She LOVES her time spent at the theatre. It is a real bright spot in her life and I am grateful that she has something she is so passionate about. We should all be so lucky.
Kind regards,

* Wow Shoshana
I can't tell you how much we enjoyed the Annie play! They are all so talented and adorable!
I can't stop singing Annie songs! I left in such a great mood. Kids are so good for the soul. I can see why you love working with them! You did an amazing job with them!  The boy in the play made laugh so much!! ( Aristotle Mikrogiannakis as Rooster), Miss Hannigan is so talented! ( Robyn MacDonald). Annie was incredible! ( Rachel Marshall ) Olivia is the cutest little girl! ( Olivia Reid as Molly.) I sincerely loved it! I wish I could see that play once a month! I just loved it!!
Thanks again,
Sonja Bruns :)

*Thanks again for another fantastic show!! Cassie truly enjoyed herself and I think it showed during the performance!   We look forward to the up and coming Bugsy.  It should be such a blast.
Bardocz Family

* Hi Shoshana
We would like to thank you and Laura for a great course and theatrical performance ( Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs). We really enjoyed the show and appreciated the work you all put into it. We definitely welcome the opportunity to advance this experience.
Steve and Natalia Udovenko

*Hi Ladies
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the Snow White show. Maya had a great intro to theatre and I am so proud of her

* Rachel LOVED being involved with this Snow White session.
Thanks, Shannon Crane

* Thank you again for such a great proudction and amazing cast party! Sara said it was the best party ever! Have a wonderful holiday to you both and see you in the New Year. :)
Kathryn Deline

* Hi Shoshana and Laura
Many thanks again for all your hard work and making it a great show! And the party yesterday was a big fun and joy for the kids, a separate thank you for that one! Looking forward to continuing with you in the Spring.
Maria, Alex, Katya, Victoria

*Great start to the Little Stars Snow White program! Maya had a great time and says she can't wait for next week to get her role and script! Thanks Laura and Shoshana for making Maya's start in theatre a great experience. She's got her heart set on being an actress!
Tanya Mirza ( Facebook comment )

You made these 4 months magical. You made my will to sing even greater, and always believed in me.  Thanks so much,
Rachel ( Young Performer participant - Dear Edwina, Jr.)

*Got to love it when your son comes home from performing in a production and says: " that is the most fun I have ever had in a youth production ever!!".Definitely a great production of Dear Edwina, Jr. put on by Broadway North Youth Theatre. Those kids had us all in tears laughing so hard. Can't wait for tomorrow night's show!!
Tracy Mair-Vale ( facebook comment )

* My congratulations to you both, Laura and Shoshana, on your inaugural show "Guys and Dolls". the comments that I have received from my family and friends who attended the performances all include significant mention of a job well done. For example, one comment made was "Those kids looked like they were having the time of their life! Kudos to Broadway North!"
Your artistic team has the ability to balance nurturing, developing, FUN with structure, focus and constructive feedback. You have the unique qualities of bringing out each and every member to their full ability.
Broadway North Youth Theatre has given my children, and others, the opportunity to express themselves and to shine in a light that they may or might not have been able to. The children have been given the chance to be unique and to show their friends and families a skill set new or old to them. Brayden and Emma look forward to being part of many more to come. As Brayden put it "How could you not want to be coached by "The Dream Team!"
Broadway North Youth Theatre is a fantastic find!!
The Vale Family

I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I was with the children's performance last evening! They did a fantastic job, and were so unbelievably cute! It was amazing and everybody loved them! They were a huge hit! I'd love to have them next year as well!! Your partner and yourself completely outdid yourselves! I can't thank you enough! It was truly adorable and absolutely perfect! I would love to see some performances at your theatre!
:) Sonja ( feedback from our Christmas concert at Skyview Spa )

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