Character Bio:


*Acting is about choices - making the best choice on how to play a character.  And, in order to do that, we need information.  We need to know our characters' personalities, their likes, dislikes, experiences, etc. in order to make an informed decision on how we will create them and bring them to life on stage. 

*So, we would like you to write up a character bio/description for yourself.  If you play more than one character, you are welcome to do both, but need only do one. 

*A point-form description is fine or you can put it into a paragraph or two.  It is always important for an actor to understand their character and why they do what they do.

* Doing up a character description is a great exercise for any actor! 

*  Please email your bio to me at 


Creating a character bio requires research to find information about that character.  We can find this in the following places:


- your lines

- other characters' lines

- brief character descriptions that might be in the script

- online research, (if the character is one that is well-known, you should be able to find information online for them)

- your director, (feel free to email me with any questions!)

- other actors, (they may have a point of view on your character if theirs interacts with yours)

- and, lastly, if you are still looking to fill in the gaps for elements of your character that you still feel are missing, use your own imagination!  


2020 Broadway North Youth Theatre